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Stylish Tile Designs For Small Bathroom Spaces

30 May 2023

Bathroom renovations - specifically, small bathroom renovations - are easily the most frequently tackled project at Myaree Ceramics. Whether it's a brown 1980's cave of a bathroom that needs contemporising, or a ‘what were they thinking with those colours?’ ensuite, we've seen them all.

Updating your bathroom is not only a guaranteed way to add value to your home; it's certain to improve your lifestyle. No need to bend yourself in half staring into a chest-height smoked mirror while you do your hair at 7am, the staff at Myaree Ceramics are here to pull you into 2023 with tile designs for small bathrooms.



What size tiles?

As a rule, tile size is best when it's proportionate to the room. That is, not so crazily big that you'd have one weird huge tile and small cuts on a wall for example; and not so small that the grout would look busy or ‘too much’.

That doesn't mean that you have to re-tile your bathroom in the same size tile you had previously - quite the opposite. Use your bathroom renovation as an opportunity to upgrade, but just to be mindful that the size of the tile suits the bathroom you're putting it in.

300x600mm tiles are now considered standard for bathroom floors, and unless your bathroom is teeny tiny, are still small enough to get a fall for most shower and bathroom drains.

Otherwise, tile size is something we consider on a case-by-case basis, so when it comes to tiling and bathroom renovations, it's best to book a selection with our experienced staff.

Nova Arq. White

Nova Arq. White

What colour?

It's not exactly a secret that light colours create the illusion of space and bounce light in. If you've got a very small and dark bathroom, floor to wall to ceiling white is a failsafe way to make your room look bigger and brighter. Glossy tiles also reflect light in small spaces.

Beware: All white can look sterile - it's best executed in smaller formats such as our Nova Arq White where you can create texture with grout lines.

Don't let tile designs for small bathrooms limit you to light or plain tiles, though: patterned floor tiles such as Azulej Grigio Cubo or geometric, Moroccan style products like Kasbah Fawn Cross are most impactful in smaller bathroom spaces.

While bathroom renovation ideas in Australia commonly shy away from dark tiles, these colours can create a feeling of comfort and intimacy which is a great choice for powder rooms; or tiling a feature wall in a dark colour can actually make the wall recede and create the optical illusion of space. Dechirer Decor Nero or Play Drops Multiblack are both ideal tile designs for small bathrooms.

What about my shower floor?

When you consider how to tile a shower floor in a small room, it's best to consult with your tiler about the maximum size of tile you can use to get a good fall for your shower drain. Technology has changed - strip drains such as our Lauxes shower grates (available at the trade centre) allow bigger tiles to be installed on shower floors and are more aesthetically pleasing than the shower wastes of yore.

What if this is for resale?

If this is to renovate and resell, you'll want to pay attention to the bathroom tile trends of 2023 without overcapitalising: products like encaustic look floor tiles such as our Picasso Series or our Builder's Range Terrazzo look tiles are a cost effective way of injecting style into your bathroom renovation.

Depending on the era of your home, stone looks such as Goya Calcutta Honed or Gubi Cream Matt are more classic options. Don't let the fact it's a resale push you toward blandness - this is a common error. Buyers still like to see style and flair in prospective homes. See more on trending tiles here.

Second Avenue Residence: By Belinda Kailis from Silq Interiors

Second Avenue Residence: By Belinda Kailis from Silq Interiors

What if this is my forever home?

If this is your forever home, choose something that you love, and don’t be afraid to invest a little bit more. That's it. Don't worry about anything except pleasing your own aesthetic desires, don't ask too many people their opinions (rather, choose one trusted person outside of the decision makers or you will get overwhelmed).

Trust the experts

Once you've decided to stop looking, feel safe in the hands of the staff at Myaree Ceramics who are very experienced in executing tile designs for small bathrooms. Book an appointment with our showroom via or via our website.