How do I know if it is a floor or wall tile?

While most tiles can go on walls, only specific tiles can be used for floors. This is due to the firing process and durability of tiles suitable for the floor. Each product page on our website indicates where you can use the tile.

In our showroom, tiles are clearly labelled to ensure you select the right tile for the right application. F= Floor and W= Wall.

Slip Rating – What does it mean?

Slip rated tiles have undergone testing to ensure they meet strict slip resistant standards for commercial and residential use. Many of our tiles come with slip ratings and are suitable for use in residential and commercial spaces.

The National Construction Code (NCC) specifies slip resistance ratings on stairways, landings and ramps in private residential buildings.

What is the difference between rectified and non-rectified?

A rectified tile has a precise square-cut edge, allowing tiles to be laid very closely together with smaller grout joins. Non-rectified tiles have a slightly rounded or “cushioned” edge, which creates a more traditional looking tile with a wider grout join.

What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic?

The main difference between a porcelain and ceramic tile is the rate of water they absorb. Most porcelain tiles absorb less than 0.5% of water whilst ceramic tiles will absorb more.

Porcelain is denser and stronger than ceramic, however ceramic options offered by Myaree Ceramics may be used for most interior applications.

What tiles can I use outside?

As tiles used externally will be exposed to natural elements, porcelain products are recommended over ceramic, as they are stronger and more stable under harsh conditions.

Please consult our team for information on slip ratings for exterior use.

What tiles can I use in my pool?

When tiling inside a pool we recommend floor grade porcelain tiles, as they are more durable and wear better over time. Mosaics are also a popular choice and come in a large array of colours and designs.

Paperfaced or Dot Mounted mosaics are recommended over mesh backed mosaics, as better adhesion is achieved during the laying process.

Which finish of tile is appropriate for my bathroom?

Matt finish tiles are advised for floors, as they are less slippery when wet, however the choice of finish is up to you.

Myaree Ceramics can assist you in finding a tile that feels comfortable underfoot, whilst still being safe and easily maintainable.

I have a small bathroom, should I use small tiles?

Not necessarily. Unless you have a short fall to your drain or small drain, large format tiles can provide a contemporary aesthetic and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Will my tiles stain or scratch?

Porcelain is one of the hardest materials you can use as flooring, and is extremely scratch and stain resistant. We can assist you in finding the right tile for the right application, to ensure your tiles will continue to look great for years to come.

What is batch variation?

Batch variation is an inherent feature associated with tile production. There may be slight size, shade and surface quality variations between different batches of tiles. Variations may be more noticeable with plain or subtly patterned tiles.

What is an ‘Order In’ item?

Some items on our website and in our showroom are not stocked, but can be ordered upon request. As they’re special order in, there will be different conditions applied to the sale.

Order in items are non-returnable, non-refundable, require a deposit prior to ordering and are sold in full boxes only.

What is dry laying?

This is when tiles are distributed over the area being tiled prior to being glued down and grouted. This technique ensures any tonal or pattern variations within your tiles are distributed evenly.

Why should I tile higher?

In the same way high ceilings open up a space, high tiling can give the illusion of a bigger and more cohesive space. Tiled surfaces are also easy to maintain.

Can I tile over existing tiles?

You definitely can! Tiling over old tiles is a great way of saving time and money.

A few things to consider:

  • Make sure the existing tiles are in good condition

  • Check for loose or cracked pieces that may prevent a suitable bond

  • Ensure tiles are free from dirt, oil, grease and dust

If this is something you are considering please inform our team when selecting your tiles.

Stock availability - How does it work?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, tiles may become unavailable or discontinued. This may be as a result of the manufacturer discontinuing an entire range, or particular tiles from a series.

If you find a tile you love, we recommend placing an order as soon as possible to ensure stock availability and avoid disappointment.

Will the floor and wall grout joins line up?

Given the nominal size variances between tiles, we recommend all grout lines are offset.

Even if floor and wall tiles are selected from the same range in the same size, there’s no guarantee the grout joins will line up once laid. Remember that once your space is completed, the accessories and fittings will distract the eye from the joints, making them much less noticeable!


Can I come in for a selection on Saturday?

To ensure you get the most out of your visit to Myaree Ceramics, we recommend full home tile selections are booked during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Whilst we are happy to serve you on a Saturday, booked tile selections are capped at 45 minutes.

Can I amend my selection?

You may amend your selection with prior approval from your builder, and before an order has been submitted.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

For an efficient selection you will need:

  • a copy of your final plans

  • your builder’s allowance

  • inspiration images, articles etc.

  • material swatches of finishes already selected

This helps us understand the extent of your build/renovation, and allows us to provide you with accurate design advice. The builder’s allowance is particularly important so we understand which tiles are included in your package.

How long does an appointment take?

The time it takes to complete a selection can vary, as it depends on the scale of your home and how prepared you are prior to coming in. A full home selection can take anywhere between two to three hours.


I have an issue with my order, what do I do?

Please contact us on 9330 3611 or enquiries@myareeceramics.com.au.

Calling us is preferred, so we can address the matter as quickly as possible. Please be sure to have your order number ready.

Can you hold my stock?

Stock will be held only once a deposit has been paid against the order. We require a 50% deposit to secure stock.

I need extra tiles - What do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible, with your Order Number ready to go.

How much wastage should I allow?

It is usually recommended to allow an extra 10% to 15% for wastage depending on the tile and how it is being laid. If the tile is an end of line, discontinued, large format (600x1200mm or bigger) or an order in product we recommend a wastage allowance of 20%.

Delivery and pickup

How do I book a delivery?

Once your order has been paid in full and all tiles are in stock, you can book a delivery by contacting us on (08)9330 3611 or email your sales consultant directly.

How much notice do I need to give for delivery?

To make sure your tiles are delivered on the day that works best for you, please give us at least one week’s notice. Should you require a delivery with a shorter lead time please contact our showroom.

When do you deliver?

Our deliveries run Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays or days Myaree Ceramics is closed.

Do I have to be home to receive delivery of my tiles?

It is recommended that someone is onsite to receive your delivery, check the stock and ensure your delivery is in order.

Can I pick up the order instead?

You can, but due to the size and weight of tiles we recommend you chat to one of our team to see if this can work for you.

I have leftover tiles, can you collect excess tiles from site?

Our delivery drivers are unable to collect excess tiles or returns from your site.

What is the delivery cost?

There is a minimum charge of $100 for delivery, which increases depending on a few factors:

  • The designated suburb

  • The weight of the total order

  • The size of the tiles

  • The quantity of tiles

Please contact us with this information ready and we will quote a delivery charge for you.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

Once you have received your goods the first thing to do is check all items received are correct. Should any item be damaged please contact us within two days. You will need your name, order number and photos of the issue.

Do you arrange freight for interstate clients?

We are unable to ship interstate at this stage, however you are welcome to purchase tiles from us and organise your own freight.

The following freight companies may be able to assist with quotations for freight:

  • Toll Group
  • Cheap Couriers Freight Service & Parcel Delivery Australia (transdirect.com.au).


Do I need to pay for samples?

Yes, but all sample payments are fully refundable on orders placed within a month. The amount paid for your samples will be credited off your final order.

Is there a limit of samples I can take?

You may take as many samples as you like! If you need more than four or five sample pieces, please contact us prior to coming in so we can have these organised for you.

Can I return samples?

We are unable to accept returns on sample tiles.

I am not in Western Australia. Can I order samples?

Yes you can! The larger tiles are supplied as cut pieces to enable postage. Samples are charged by the piece and additional postage costs will apply. No returns will be accepted for sample tiles.


Can I return leftover boxes of tiles?

Yes we do accept returns on current stocked tiles. These must be in a saleable condition, stocked tones, full boxes, and original packaging. Returns must be within 30 days of receipt. Give our friendly staff at our Distribution Centre a call, and they will be able to let you know if your tiles can be returned. All returned stock will incur a 15% handling fee.

Refer to our terms and conditions of sale for more information.

Can I return order in items?

No, all order in items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Can I return tiles purchased on sale?

Sales items are not eligible to be returned. Nor are discontinued lines, out of date stock or goods damaged in any way.

How do I return my tiles?

Tiles can only be returned to the Myaree Ceramics Distribution Centre at 12 Quarimor Road, Bibra Lake, during the Distribution Centre’s opening times.

When will I receive my refund?

Your items will be processed by our team at the Distribution Centre and your refund will be credited to your bank account at the end of the month. Account holders will be credited to their account and applied against future orders.

Can I return excess tiles my builder purchased for me?

Only the purchaser can return tiles. Have a chat with your builder about this.