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Top Five Main Floor Tile Trends

30 April 2023

We don't need to tell you - tile is the most durable, serviceable floor covering you can choose for your living room or kitchen. Maintenance of porcelain tiles is as simple as the occasional mop and vacuum, because once it's installed, that's it. It's going to stay pretty much exactly as it is, for life.

But practicality, while important, certainly isn't the sexiest reason tile your home. Floor tiles, be they stone look or terrazzo, are officially. Having. A. Moment. Let's take a look at the top 5 hottest floor tile trends to emerge in 2023:

WALL TILES: Venistone

WALL TILES: Venistone

1. Heavy Marble

Unapologetically loud and stunningly classic in equal measure, marble look tiles with heavier, more graphic veining have been slowly increasing in popularity, with louder patterns replacing the previously understated soft, cloudy calacatta styles. There's been a particularly huge surge in coloured marble reminiscent of the opulent 80s - we're seeing emerald green, ruby red and rich gold marble look tiles. Our Pulp series from Italy is a beautiful execution of the trend- the colour palette elegant and the arabescato pattern incredibly lifelike.

For a more neutral take that's ideal for main floors and open living spaces, Aesthet Unico Grey or Arabescato Gold still deliver on bold style and their large format size lends an air of luxe (and there's less grout, too).

Insitu pulpred3
Fifth Avenue Residence: By Jane Ledger

Fifth Avenue Residence: By Jane Ledger

2. Terrazzo and Palladiana

The number one most requested look; terrazzo, and it's chunky cousin palladiana, are the hottest trend in tile. With it's origins in Venice, terrazzo began as a way to use old marble chips and offcuts, pouring them into concrete and grinding them back. These days, terrazzo tiles are a lot less labour intensive (and much less prone to staining). Playful and an easy way to incorporate a touch of colour, terrazzo tiles can also lend a retro feel.

We love Play Drops Multiblack and Multiwhite for a sprinkle of vintage floor tile design for your hall or entry. Our builders range of terrazzo look tiles such as Terrazzo Valentino or Terrazzo Light Grey Matt are cost effective, high impact porcelain tiles to lay throughout the home, the terrazzo flecks creating a seamless look once installed.

For design lovers, it's hard to go past the Medley range from Emil Medley is a terrazzo look set in coloured concrete tiles. The series includes the palladiana style in Medley Rock Pink and Medley Rock White, a terrazzo pebble pattern (Medley Pop Blue, Medley Pop Pink, Medley Pop White) and a classic terrazzo look (Medley Classic White).

3. Ceppo Di Gre

Who knew a sedimentary stone like Ceppo Di Gre (also known as Breccia) would take the world by storm? If you can imagine a terrazzo formed in nature, this is it: bits of marble squished together by nature with other rocks to form Ceppo Di Gre, one of the most desirable stones of the moment.

Characterised by round pebble or marble "pieces" within a sedimentary stone, the real thing is incredibly rare (and expensive) in nature, leaving porcelain stone look as the ideal solution. The Ceppo Di Gre porcelain tiles at Myaree Ceramics run the gamut from large format, made in Italy options such as Venistone that use a new technology where they become slip resistant while wet, all the way through to cost effective Builders Range options like Affogato or Robusta.

4. Terracotta

Don't tell 1992, but terracotta has been back in vogue for a while and it shows no sign of slowing. The perfect fit for Mediterranean style (which has been having it's own moment), we can't get enough of this warm, welcoming colour palate that says "Oh, this old coastal holiday home in Sicily? I've had it for years."

Brand new to Myaree Ceramics showroom is Equipe's Kasbah series, a Morroccan zellige inspired floor tile. With modular pieces and coloured inserts that can be combined to create endless looks, Kasbah is a stunning decorative option: think courtyards, a floor tile pattern in a living room (a "tile rug" of sorts), or anywhere else you'd like a touch of riad.

Conversely, Italgraniti's Terre series is a very contemporary iteration of terracotta, the style firmly inspired by minimalistic concrete tiles with a smooth texture. Terre is for those who love the warmth of terracotta but want a seamless, pared back finish.

5. French Flagstone Pattern

You know all of those European castle floors laid with different sized stone tiles? Well, this is that. Definitely one from the history books, French pattern or "flagstone", is a modular way to lay tiles, with floor tiles of different sizes interlinking together to create a continuous pattern.

Popularised in France, this style typically uses a textured limestone look tile for a rustic, lived in feel. Aside from delivering ageless style, French pattern is also very forgiving, hiding dirt, hair and anything else in the "pits" and patterns of the limestone. Brand new to the showroom is Tibur, a stone look suitable to run throughout your home - all the way from your the entry hallway through to the alfresco.

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