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Our Guide to All Things Tile Shapes

19 May 2022

Diving into the search for new tiles for your home renovation or new build can be a very daunting task, especially when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Myaree Ceramics have a large inventory of many different tile shapes, from classic shapes to more unique ones. In this blog, we will detail some of the shapes we have available, so you can get inspired. Read on further to find out more!

SUBWAY TILE: Country Blanco

SUBWAY TILE: Country Blanco

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are one of the most popular tile shapes in today’s market. Initially designed as an easy-to-clean tile for subway stations in New York, this shape can now be found in many homes throughout the world.

Subways are a fabulous, timeless option that work beautifully in multiple spaces within the home.

Not only are they a classic shape, but there are countless layout options to help create different effects within a room – and it’s entirely up to you which layout to go with. Some options include the traditional horizontal brick, vertical stack, herringbone, and offset.

Subway tiles come in an array of colours from neutral shades to bold tones. They can either be laid with a matching grout for a softer look or a darker grout to create contrast. A popular colour choice from our range is the beautiful Artisan Rose Mallow subway tiles.

SUBWAY TILE: Artisan Rose Mallow

SUBWAY TILE: Artisan Rose Mallow

Square Tiles

Square tiles are a classic tile shape, which can be found almost everywhere you go. They can create varying looks from rustic farmhouse to contemporary chic. By opting for square tiles in neutral colours, it can help you design a light and airy minimalistic space which will never go out of style. Seen an example of this below, with our Zellige White Gloss tiles.

PRODUCTS: Zellige White Gloss

Square tiles don’t have to be boring; consider installing a patterned or textured tile for a more unique edge. Alternatively, you can choose a bold colour to make a statement, much like our La Riviera Ginger tiles.

For added interest, square tiles can also be laid in a diamond pattern to create a stunning feature wall or splashback.



Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be many different shapes, and are usually made up of multiple small tiles joined together on sheets for ease of installation.

Simpler mosaics tend to use small tiles, usually in geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles or squares. Mosaic tiles are ideal to use as a feature wall – they can be used in a bathroom, as a kitchen splashback or even in a bedroom space.

Mosaics are also popular to use in pool or water features, as the water flowing over these tiles can result in some beautiful natural light reflections.

The smallest tiles stocked here at Myaree Ceramics are our Micro Brick range – where tiles are handcut, resulting in a slight irregularity in shape and size. This creates a beautiful rustic look, reminiscent of the streets of Rome, which can look stunning wrapped around a front counter or used in the back of a bathroom niche wall. We recommend an experienced tiler to install these tiles.

MOSAIC TILE: Micro Brick Mud Pavement

MOSAIC TILE: Micro Brick Mud Pavement

KitKat Tiles

Kit Kats are a current crowd favourite, popular for their stunning range of colours, sizes and finishes. They are a mosaic tile featuring long narrow rectangular pieces on different types of backings. These tiles are small and linear, creating a fabulous feature – whether it be large scale walls or smaller nooks.

This rectangular mosaic is best used as a wall tile, and is a tile shape that is very much on trend.

PRODUCTS: Mini Rustic White Kitkat

Hexagon Tiles

When it comes to unique and interesting shapes, hexagon tiles are an option that have been growing more and more popular in recent years. They are a good choice for both floors and walls, especially if the tile is slightly textured for additional visual interest.

Hexagon tiles are geometrically appealing, and easily tessellate to cover the desired surface area, as seen with our Heritage Carbon tiles.

FLOOR TILES: Heritage Carbon

FLOOR TILES: Heritage Carbon

Rhombus Tiles

The particular shape of a Rhombus tile adds an element of interest to the space, as it can be laid in multiple ways to achieve different effects. The tile itself can appear to be three dimensional depending on the laying direction. One layout option for this shape is an interlocking hexagon style that provides a refined look, especially as a kitchen splashback or a bathroom feature.



Find your dream tiles at Myaree Ceramics

As interior design experts and suppliers of designer tiles in Perth, our team at Myaree Ceramics are here to help you with professional advice for choosing the right porcelain or ceramic tile shape for your space.

Now that you have more idea of the different tile shapes we have available, check out our previous blog on tile layout patterns for inspiration on which configuration to lay your tiles.

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