A pool is a big investment, so ensuring that the design will fit in with the aesthetic of your existing backyard is important. You want your new pool to be safe, functional and easy to maintain – but of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a stylish design that stands out from the pack. Tiling your pool can help to give it a relaxed and luxurious look, and ensure that it’s both easy on the eye and easy to look after.

At Myaree Ceramics, we are experts in tiles. We have an extensive range of tiles on offer for many different uses, which includes an exclusive range of premium pool tiles. Our current range includes modern glass mosaics and a wide variety of boutique feature tiles for those who want a customised look. Glass tiles are particularly popular for pools, because they are both visually appealing and offer a lovely smooth surface for both big and little feet to walk on. Pool tiling helps to protect the base of your pool from sun damage, and is far more durable than other common pool lining products. We usually recommend that clients tile their entire pools, as it’s much easier to keep clean and maintain compared to other products.

Myaree Ceramics are dedicated to stocking the highest quality range of pool tiles available, which includes an incredible selection of hand-picked tiles sourced from Italy. Our tiles come from renowned companies across the world, and are chosen for both their practicality and their design. We believe that it’s important to stock a wide range of styles and colours, ensuring that our customers can get creative with patterns and designs. We enjoy working with our clients to create unique customised designs using different colours, patterns and even artworks – because why should your pool look just like everyone else’s? Keep it traditional or get creative – we can help no matter what!

Choosing the ideal combination and design when it comes to your pool tiling can be a tough job, which is why our expert team at Myaree Ceramics are here to help. Our friendly team members know tiles back to front (and inside out!) and are passionate about helping our customers find and create the perfect tiling design for their pools. We pride ourselves on our tiling knowledge and keen eye for design, as well as our attention to detail and dedication to customer service.

Get in touch today to chat about your tiling needs, or drop by our store to have a chat with one of our passionate team members.