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Travel-Inspired Tiles: Take Your Holiday Home

25 October 2022

Whether it be lounging on the Amalfi coast sipping on an Aperol Spritz or soaking up the sunshine in Bali, there is truly nothing like an overseas holiday. As well as the amazing people, food and culture, travelling allows you to appreciate the unique architecture and interior styles that grace so many holiday destinations.

On your return, the urge to keep your wanderlust alive and part of your everyday life may inspire you to bring these trends into your home. There are many ways to incorporate travel inspired design into your space, and we are here to show you how.

IMAGE: Styled Snapshots

IMAGE: Styled Snapshots

The Mediterranean

Mediterranean style is a gorgeous aesthetic which many people bring into their homes. This style includes all countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, but we will be focusing on the popular holiday destinations of Southern Europe - Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Greece.

Coastal aesthetics dominate this style, with rich colours reminiscent of jewel-like azure waters and vibrant hues taken from the flowers and produce native to the areas. This vibrancy is a beautiful contrast to the terrain, which is rugged and ancient, where the use of natural materials, ornate designs and elegant arches provide a base to build on.

Styles of tiles include:
  • Ornate designs
  • Geometric patterns
  • Natural stone
  • Flagstone


We see the Mediterranean influence in many design trends, including white on white, linen textures, exposed wood, bright colour accents and rustic or geometric patterned tiles.


Our new tile series Mar provides just the right amount of character to a space that you can use either a little or a lot, inspired by traditional majolica floor tiles of Mediterranean tradition. This tile collection would look gorgeous as a kitchen splashback, a patterned bathroom floor, even taken out onto the patio for balmy summers enjoying a meal with friends and family. The tiles are characterised by a gorgeous ‘worn in’ look, imitating authentic hand painted patterned tiles.

Geometric patterns

A more contemporary way to incorporate Mediterranean style is opting for the fun and versatile Mattonelle Margherita series. This collection by Mutina is characterised by a dual concept: on the one hand, a simple, minimalist style, evident in the plain-coloured elements, and on the other, a courageous, creative approach, characterised by a large variety of graphics.

Our Margherita collection add a playful edge to any space; the duality of allows you to use them in a variety of ways. The beauty of this series is the ability to truly make the space your own by mixing and matching between the pieces. Pictured below in this kitchen design, these tiles have been paired with Rombini mosaic tiles as a splashback, along with soft tonal cabinetry and plenty of greenery, creating a beautiful, tranquil space.

IMAGE: Mattonelle Margherita Cones, Spring Pink and Marghe Green (Order in)

IMAGE: Mattonelle Margherita Cones, Spring Pink and Marghe Green (Order in)

Natural stone

The combination of natural stone, soft textures, curved accents and brass fittings is another way to create a Mediterranean look in your interior space, reminiscent of Greek-style homes. The new Tuffeau tile series provides a beautiful stone-look finish, perfect for the feeling of a loved and lived-in home. Using subtle but textured, light-coloured tiles to create a feature wall works perfectly with a soft, stone-look floor, balancing the variation in the floor tiles with simplicity of the white texture on the walls.


If you have ever explored Italian cities, you may have noticed the rustic flagstone that lines the interiors of many heritage structures. Flagstone is a type of flat stone, which has been used in European architecture as far back as the thirteenth century.

Textured, uneven surfaces with a handmade finish are typical of flagstone tiles, and add to their sophistication. Our Heritage Blanc tiles pay homage to classic European chateaus and feature a rough tumbled edge and a richly textured surface. Suitable for walls or floors, Heritage Blanc bring timeless elegance to any Italian-inspired interior.

TILES: Heritage Multicolour (Order in)

TILES: Heritage Multicolour (Order in)

TILES: Heritage Sable (Order in)

TILES: Heritage Sable (Order in)


Another holiday favourite on the shores of the Mediterranean is Morocco. The words that spring to mind when describing Moroccan design are eye-catching symmetrical patterns, vivid colours, desert terrain, intricate textiles, delicately carved wooden pieces and exquisite metal work. Many people incorporate Moroccan style into their spaces through terracotta pottery, hand-made tiles, Moroccan lamps and colourful accent pillows.

  • Ornate mosaics
  • Clay tiles
  • Striking patterns



Ornate mosaics

Mosaic tiles are a key component of Moroccan design, traditionally used to frame doors and windows, create striking feature walls and fountains. Typically, the mosaics are vividly coloured, ornate, geometric and stand as a design focal point. They truly are a mosaic style that has withstood the progression of time and are eternally on trend, as is a poolside break in Marrakech.

Clay tiles

At Myaree Ceramics, we have the Zellige collection that comes in an array of colours, from soft water-colour hues to deep jewel tones. This range of tiles feature handmade edges with rustic terracotta marks, creating a unique texture across the surface of every tile. In a true signature Moroccan emerald green is our Cirque Emerald, reminiscent of the rich patterned floors of Le Jardin Secret (The Secret Garden) in Marrakech, Morocco. Alternatively, for a subtle look with warmer tones, opt for the Bejmat Biscuit Matt range, available in both a square and subway format.

Striking patterns

To keep with the energy of striking patterns, without mosaics, we have a range of encaustic-look tiles which are fantastic for bathrooms or as feature flooring. One of our favourites is the Picasso Marrakech tiles which are reminiscent of traditional tiles found in Marrakech, Morocco, well known as a famous ‘tile city’. The other new series we have brought in is the Grafton Mina and Loft Sylvania which add the perfect touch of pattern and colour to any space.

IMAGE: @lulu_wells for @rachaelmiklas.designdetail

IMAGE: @lulu_wells for @rachaelmiklas.designdetail


Japan is known for its expert craftsmanship and refined minimalism. Japanese style has influenced many industries globally, from clothing and beauty to architecture and interior design.

Neutral colours, abundance of light, natural materials and working with the elements are all key aspects of Japanese interior design. Spaces are tranquil and scattered with greenery and natural light. A prominent characteristic of Japanese aesthetic and architecture is the clean linear structure; from sleek, simple furniture to vertical cladding and decoration.

  • Kitkat tiles
  • Textured mosaics



IMAGE: Norihito Yamauchi / Satoshi Saito

IMAGE: Norihito Yamauchi / Satoshi Saito

Kitkat tiles

This same aesthetic continues with Japanese-style tiles, making use of straight lines reminiscent of bamboo which is traditionally viewed as a means of warding off evil and is a symbol of strength. Mosaic tiling is popular and often used for feature walls, or for tiling floor to ceiling in wet areas. Mosaics from that successfully achieve this look are our Matt White Kitkats, Mini Light Green Kitkats and Vintage White Kitkats.

Textured mosaics

The phenomenon range by Mutina has been designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, and consists of a collection of textured mosaics inspired by the elements and nature. The natural ‘raw’ finish would make a beautiful feature wall, adding dimension and flexibility to a project as the mosaic sheets can mould with the shape of an object.

Thanks to the combination of small materials and the palette of neutral tones, which create poetic and evocative compositions, Phenomenon gives the interiors an effect of vastness and depth such as to bring back the memories of natural scenarios. The collection is reminiscent of different expressions of natural patterns such as honeycombs, snowflakes, sticks of ice, and plant cells, evoking memories of natural sceneries and individual experiences of the natural world.

TILES: Phenomenon Rain A Rosa

TILES: Phenomenon Rain A Rosa

Another series of mosaics includes our order-in Japanese style porcelain mosaics; Rattan, Cross Hatch and Linen. Across each series there are multiple colours in neutral shades, with delicate texture and finishes, each series brings its own personality to the space. Again as these are mosaic sheets, their flexibility allows them to shape around kitchen islands and curved shower walls.


Indonesia is known for its beautifully hand-carved wood designs and vibrant patterns, inspired by the island’s lush tropical vegetation and rich culture. We see this most often in traditional Balinese furniture and Indonesian Batik textiles. A much-loved holiday destination with Australians, we see its popularity reflected through interior design choices in many Australian homes.

Whether it be carved wooden furniture, textural natural rattan, patterned rugs and use of raw materials, many people are choosing to decorate their homes in ways which encapsulate Indonesian design.

  • Wood-look tiles
  • Vibrant colours



Indonesian 1 10

Wood-look tiles

Create that tranquil Indonesian feel in your own home using wood-look tiles. A popular range is our Viggo series, including four colours and an authentic textured surface. These tiles incorporate grain and texture that provide the illusion of natural wood, all whilst providing the durability and ease of maintenance of tile.

Wood-look tiles can be used indoors as well as outdoors and are a great way to connect the two spaces. Style your space with a patterned rug, tropical plants, and you are on your way to creating your own little Indonesian-inspired oasis.

Vibrant colours

Vibrantly coloured tiles are also typically used in Indonesian interiors. These tiles feature ornate geometric and floral patterns in bright joyful colours, such as blues, greens and pinks. This style of ceramic work has it’s foundation in Dutch Delft style ceramics, as Indonesia was once a colony of the Dutch East India Company this beautiful style of artwork adds a level of tradition.

They look beautiful in tandem with wooden furnishings and greenery, providing inviting character filled spaces.

TILES: Coco Verd

TILES: Coco Verd

TILES: Loft Sylvania

TILES: Loft Sylvania

The Hamptons

Hamptons style is an incredibly popular design choice for homes, as it’s fresh and timeless appeal speaks to many homeowners. ‘Hamptons’ can be summarised as coastal, elegant, calm and light. The colour palette mainly consists of white, infused with soft blues and greys.

  • Subway tiles
  • Patterened tiles
  • Wood-look tiles



IMAGE: The Palm Co

IMAGE: The Palm Co

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are a guaranteed way to create stunning classic kitchen splashbacks and bathroom tiling. Popular series include our Masia Blanco range or Mg White subways, in both matt and gloss finishes. Laying directions are abundant and add a point of difference in the space, popular laying options are brickbond and herringbone.

Patterned tiles

Geometric patterns as reflected in our Art Nouveau and Picasso Tulip tiles are also reminiscent of Hamptons style - and can be integrated alongside subways to add visual impact. These patterned tiles make beautiful feature walls, kitchen splashbacks and bathroom flooring. They are available in various shades of blues and greys which align with that elegant coastal feel.

Marble-look tiles

Marble-look tiles in a Hamptons-styled home add drama and flair, to a space that is otherwise minimalist and white-dominated. A marble splashback could be added as a striking icon of elegance in a bright, well-lit kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, or shower floor in the bathroom gives that elite Long Island seaside feel.

TILES: Calacatta Gold Honed Herringbone (Order In)

TILES: Calacatta Gold Honed Herringbone (Order In)

Bring the holiday to you

No matter what your style is, you can easily create that holiday-feel in your own home through your tile choices. If you have a specific destination, a memory you wish to relive or simply want to get inspired, get in touch with our friendly team.