St Vincents Residence



Klopper & Davis Architects


Angelita Bonetti

Drawing inspiration from the 1970s modernist style, this renovation aimed to capture the existing character of the home and create a “childhood home”. Instead of feeling like a brand-new space, it evokes feelings of warmth and familiarity .

Mutina’s Azulej Cubo Grigio for the bathroom was a perfect choice. The Azulej series, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina, is inspired by encaustic tile and ancient techniques for creating pattern on tile; the geometric tile pattern a re-imagining of a classic print used throughout the 70s and commonly in retro design – reproduced in a denim blue, grey and charcoal for a striking pop of colour.

Azulej Grigio Cubo 2
Azulej Grigio Cubo 1
Azulej Grigio Cubo 3