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Light or Dark: How to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles

14 April 2020

Whether you’re preparing for the day ahead or winding down, your bathroom should be a room in your house that leaves you feeling fresh and reinvigorated. To achieve this, you want to find bathroom tiles in Perth that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but make your bathroom feel like a relaxing, rejuvenating room within your home. Depending on the overall theme of your home, this could be achieved with dark tiles or light tiles – or both. Below, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Dark Tiles


If you are looking to create a bathroom with ultra-modern aesthetics and a bit of wow factor, dark tiles are a perfect place to start.

Dark bathroom tiles are elegant, dramatic and best of all, an easy inclusion in a contemporary bathroom. Use subway tiles like Stromboli Black in a herringbone pattern or opt for stylish and chic M. Classici Nero Marquinia tiles on the walls to incorporate the beauty of marble.


A common misconception we hear is that you should never use dark tiles in a bathroom because it can make a room seem smaller than it is.

However, this is not true – dark tiles can actually be used in most bathrooms to enhance the feeling of space.

One way to give the illusion of more space is to keep the tiles a similar colour, style and size throughout the bathroom. This makes it seem like the walls and floors blend with one another and creates a space that seems larger.


Dark tiles and dark grout go hand in hand, which is great for those of us that are pedantic about keeping grout spotless.

Darker grout helps to conceal some of that grime in between bathroom cleans – but don’t get us wrong, it definitely still needs some TLC.

FLOOR TILES: Stromboli Black City

FLOOR TILES: Stromboli Black City

FEATURE TILES: Puzzle Edge Slate

FEATURE TILES: Puzzle Edge Slate

Cons of Dark Tiles


This might seem like an obvious point, but dark tiles don’t reflect light in the same way that lighter coloured tiles do. Therefore, dark tiles can make a space seem darker.

However, you can combat this issue by making the most of natural light, strategically placing mirrors to reflect more light or installing sconces and ceiling lights that brighten the space.

Pros of Light Tiles


One of the major reasons white tiled bathrooms are so popular in modern homes is that they create a fresh, crisp and airy space, especially when you get the balance of natural light and accents right as well.


White or light tiles in your bathroom are great if you like to regularly redecorate your home, if you’re renting out your home to others, or if you like just a simple pop of colour, as it acts as a great neutral canvas to add a personal touch to.


While the popularity of certain colour schemes and patterns tend to come and go, a light colour palette is a timeless, classic choice for any space.

Pair the classic aesthetics of white tiles with the minimalistic beauty of a textured shape and you have the Masia Blanco Gloss tile – a simple yet effective splashback tile for the wall behind your sink.

SPLASHBACK TILE: Masia Blanco Gloss

SPLASHBACK TILE: Masia Blanco Gloss

WALL TILE: Lane Base White

WALL TILE: Lane Base White

Cons of Light Tiles


White and light-coloured tiles can convey cleanliness and contemporary style, but they can also come across as sterile and cold.

If your bathroom is feeling a little too much like a hospital instead of a soothing sanctuary within your home, try warming up the space with different tones in a neutral colour palette like the Lane Base White.


One of the main downfalls that people may point out with white tiles is that they can show dirt, grime, unclean grout more prominently than darker tile colours.

In terms of keeping grout clean, we do have one tip that may help your tile purchasing: we recommend using larger format tiles in your bathroom because less tiles used = less grout.

Get Great Tiles at Myaree Ceramics

While we’ve discussed both the pros and cons of light and dark tiles in this blog, it’s important to note that you don’t have to choose between dark or light – can achieve your dream bathroom with a strategic mix of both.

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