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How to Add Dimension and Depth to Your Space Using 3D Tiles

11 March 2021

3D wall tiles are a stunning and effective way to create high quality feature walls throughout your home, both interior and exterior. Myaree Ceramics stocks an extensive range of 3D feature tiles that add depth and dimension to the design of your home.

For this month’s blog, our team has pulled together a wide range of interior design inspiration and ideas on how to use 3D wall tiles throughout your home to add texture and dimension to your space.

Bedroom and Living Area

3D tiles are a perfect way to create a stylish and minimalistic feature wall within your living space that is its own wall art – whether in your private bedroom, family living area, or dining room.

Stripes Cotto tiles (as seen above) are ideal as a full feature wall, stretching from floor to ceiling, emphasising or creating the illusion of higher ceilings. With their warm colouring, these linear sculptural tiles draw the eye and compliment softer neutral tones of decor.

Another feature wall option is the Stripes White Stone tiles. These work perfectly as a half-wall feature tile, creating hard-wearing feature walls with their subtle sophisticated style.

WALL TILE: Stripes White Stone

WALL TILE: Stripes White Stone

If geometric feature walls are more your style, the 4D Chevron White Matt tiles may call out to you more. These chevron patterned wall panels are a favourite in the Myaree Ceramics showroom, with a gorgeous satin finish and a minimalist style that works well with splashes of colour and stylish furniture.

This dimensional tile also comes in a deep blue colour as seen in the 4D Chevron Deep Blue Matt tile. This eye capturing colour creates a stunning display that pairs perfectly with white and metallic tones.

A subtler version of the 4D tiles is Cubo Bianco. With a smaller diamond pattern, creating a feature wall that is equally as stunning in texture, these tiles are more versatile while styling the room.

Bathroom and Laundry

The wet areas of the house – the bathroom and laundry – come with a separate set of ideals when looking for tiles. The perfect wet area tile is something that is not slippery, and also easy to keep clean of the dirt and grime that can easily build up in these areas.

Shale Ribbed tiles are perfect as a wall tile in your bathroom or laundry, and while they are 3D, they have a low profile that is easy to clean. Their subtle design provides a unique feature to the room without their 3D effect overpowering other decor and design choices made throughout the space.

BATHROOM TILE: Shale Dark Ribbed

BATHROOM TILE: Shale Dark Ribbed

These tiles come in multiple shades. The Shale Dark Ribbed tiles provide a dark grey background for brighter elements to shine against and draw the eye, while the Shale Sand Ribbed tiles give the impression of a warmer sandy desert tone for a more neutral style of decor.

Additionally, Shade Bianco is an even more subtle 3D tile that allows other colours to be the focus while providing a sophisticated backdrop throughout the bathroom space. View the newly renovated Myaree Residence for subtle dimension ideas within the bathroom.

The MG Honeycomb Matt wall tiles, with their irregular pattern of small, raised hexagons, are perfect for use in a bathroom, creating the illusion of water drops clinging to shiny tiling. This adds an immersive element to the room, the bright white colour producing the sense of a larger space.

WALL TILE: Shade Bianco

WALL TILE: Shade Bianco


The kitchen is often noted as the heart of the home, and a kitchen splashback is the ideal location in your house to add 3D feature tiles. Sheer Drap White is a perfect option for a splashback. The subtle texture means that it can suit a variety of spaces and is easy to clean.



For a smaller, more condensed texture the Esagonette Bianco hexagonal 3D tiles create another gorgeous neutral splashback with a subtle 3D effect due to their low profile.

Alternatively, the Joliet Sapphire Prisma Gloss tiles work perfectly as a coloured splashback or counter wall. Their wavy style and blue colouring creates a warm appeal in the kitchen, a gorgeous feature that produces a reflective depth to a space.


Have you ever considered tiling an external wall? 3D feature tiles are a perfect way to upgrade the exterior of your home, whether that be a feature wall in an outdoor entertaining area, or a stunning border around your front door. 3D wall tiles provide sophistication, absolutely changing the game and upgrading your home’s curb appeal.

The Cubics range of natural stone look tiles are perfect as a feature for your entryway – an arch around your front door to draw the eye. These tiles are perfect to create contrast with the other tones of the house’s exterior. A pale wall colour contrasts with Cubics Grey tiles, while a darker wall contrasts perfectly with Cubics White tiles, highlighting the way for guests and welcoming them in.

However, if privacy is your priority, the Celosia 3D terracotta breezeblock is an ideal privacy screen around your front porch. These open terracotta block tiles, with their tactile finish, were created as a wall division, providing both natural light and privacy.



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Myaree Ceramics stock a beautiful and diverse range of 3D feature tiles, perfect for transforming your home, both interior and exterior. To see them in real life, visit our showroom.

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