Mattonelle Margherita Corners

Mattonelle Margherita is currently available as an order in, ex-Italy product only. Prices are indicative and must be re-quoted prior to ordering. Lead times are approximately 20 weeks. Product must be ordered to full boxes – 0.67sqm per box.

The latest collection from Mutina, Mattonelle Margherita is a stunning exploration into colour and graphics by artist Nathalie Du Pasquier. With 27 hand designed patterns on offer, plus solid complimentary colours, it’s a true opus. The finish is waxy and beautiful, a glazed porcelain suitable for any surface – slip resistant finish can be requested.

“These tiles look great paired with a gleaming white gas cooker, your aunt’s cupboard, but also with an induction hob and remote-controlled cabinets. Actually, it is the perfect collection for tiny spaces, with floors, mouldings and walls entirely covered in different graphpics; or a full wall in an American-looking kitchen; or even as an edged floor in the living room of a summer house, with a 60-inch television. It’s perfect for walking barefoot inside a beautiful Sicilian villa, but also in slippers on the tenth floor of a building in Cinisello Balsamo. The pieces in Mattonelle Margherita can be combined in so many ways, just like old-fashioned ceramics, but they are also extremely contemporary, without heeding passing fashions.” – Nathalie Du Pasquier

Name Edge
Mattonelle Margherita Corners non rectified
Size Retail Price
205x205mm $/sqm
Finish Slip Rating
satin N/A
Material Manufacturer
glazed porcelain Mutina


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